Finishes and Options

At PMC Lighting, our Build-2-Spec philosophy centers around the idea of creating custom shapes, colors and finishes unique to your individual space. By crafting a luminaire outside of the traditional, we are able to help you create a memorable space that combines functionality with fashion finishes. With serviceable options like color tuning technology or sound proofing acoustic solutions, to aesthetic finishes like wood grain or custom colors, PMC can outfit you with a fixture that uniquely combines form and function.

RAL Color Options

With hundreds of colors to choose from, our RAL color options have a beautiful matte finish that is resistant to UV light, abrasion, humidity and corrosion. Our wide range of standard options allow you to match branding or paint colors, to blend in a fixture, or add a unique pop or accent color, all at no additional charge.

Utilizing the RAL color classification system, this allows PMC to ensure a precise color match and uniformity among multiple pieces.

Click below to see our RAL Color chart and the wide range of color options available.

View Our RAL Color Chart

Wood Grain Finishes

Our wood grain powder finishes allow us to create a seamless finish, designed to mimic the realistic look of solid hardwood. Complete with graining and even knots, this powder technology is a favorite of architects and designers because of its long term durability and protection, as well as its life-like appearance. The powder coating has the beautiful appearance of wood, yet none of its negatives. It is not only free from wood rot, but it helps protect the fixture from UV and humidity damage, resulting in an extremely low maintenance luminaire.

There are a variety of different stains and colors available, ranging from ultra light bamboo finishes to dark, right mahogany. Click below to view our available options.

View Our Wood Grain Finishes

Tunable Solutions

The impact of light on human health and happiness has long been studied.  Lighting can have a big effect on how people operate within their surroundings, ranging from how they interact with others, to how they feel both physically and mentally. Now, more than ever, standard LED light sources are available in a wider variety of colors and white light color temperatures making it possible to choose a static color that fits a particular application.

But what about times when the color of the light needs to be adjusted – where a single fixed color or color temperature does not satisfy the need?  That’s where tunable lighting comes in.

With options ranging from colored light, to tunable white light, the ability to customize output, as well as offering a wide variety of control methods, allows PMC Lighting to yield a wide range of product solutions to address your needs.

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