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Not all projects are the same. Not all lighting fixtures should be the same either. That’s why PMC has built its reputation on manufacturing each luminaire to perfectly meet the desired specification. Whether it be altering existing fixture designs to meet an application, or collaborating and fabricating a unique design concept, our design engineers can bring a brilliant idea to life.

Build 2 Spec Downloads

Build-2-Spec Printable Brochure

AURA Tunable Solutions

By using proper light sources and control systems, it is not only possible to produce light in the full spectrum of the rainbow, but also varying shades of white light, from cool white to warm white and everything in between.  Using LED Lighting technology, these colors can be adjusted in a single luminaire both manually, or continuously via specialized control systems.

Functional Finish Options

At PMC Lighting, our Build-2-Spec philosophy centers around the idea of creating custom shapes, colors and finishes unique to your individual space. By crafting a luminaire outside of the traditional, we are able to help you create a memorable space that combines functionality with fashion finishes. With aesthetic finishes like wood grain or custom colors, PMC can outfit you with a fixture that uniquely combines form and function.

pūr-led™ Disinfecting Lighting

luminaries join clean, modern, and stylish looks with Vital Vio’s patented VioSafe® White Light Disinfection® technology. Whether you have a unique space that needs a Build-2-Spec fixture, or you have a more standard space that one of our ready-to-install fixture options will work in, you will achieve the perfect blend of design form and disinfecting function for any room or structure.