New Releases

September 2019 New Releases

PMC Lighting introduces a new member of our PŪR-LED™ collection. The SCX2196-LED adds another option for designers to add patented, safe, disinfecting technology to public spaces.

Features of the SCX2196-LED include:
  • Sealed extruded aluminum welded housing – Wet Location standard
  • Flanged or Flangeless recessed mounting
  • Removable lens in a gasketed lens frame (tamper resistant hardware options)
  • Light dramatically reduces bacteria on any surface it touches.
  • Spaces that can benefit from a pur-led luminaire include hospitals, gyms, airplanes, offices, locker rooms, daycares, schools, and restaurants
  • Ability to switch between White Light Disinfection Mode and Eco Mode

The Nelio ES Series ReinventedPMC Lighting introduces our 2nd Generation improvements to the ES and ES D/I Series.

You may already be familiar with the ES fixtures in the Nelio collection, but now there are NEW features that you will want to know about when presenting lighting options to clients.

The features of the ES Series include:

  • Snap-in lenses to control light distribution for Diffuse, Asymmetric, Bat Wing, Wall Graze and Wall Wash applications
  • 9  Direct or Indirect cross sectional profiles (including 5 new)
  • 6 Direct/Indirect cross sectional profiles (including 3 new)
  • 3 Direct, Indirect or Direct/Indirect 6” width cross sectional profiles (including 2 new)
  • Wet location available on all Direct distribution models
  • Continuously illuminated direct side available on D/I distribution models
  • Customizable under PMC Lighting’s Build2Spec program including corners, tee’s, and crosses
  • Color, Tunable White, and pur-led lighting options available

August 2019 New Releases

PMC Lighting is pleased to announce an exciting new addition to our Peri-Mittari product family – the RC3121. 

RC3121 fills a void in the PMC Lighting line of perimeter lighting by providing a recessed cove product with asymmetric light output. With an adjustable sliding shield option, RC3121 lets the user adjust the light output to keep the area above and behind the installed fixture dark if desired, while directing light output onto the adjacent ceiling. Together with RC5626, which has rotatable wide beam optics, PMC Lighting covers ceiling lighting applications.

peri mitari rc3121 - recessed cove lighting

July 2019 New Releases

Introducing Nelio S9062 – With a fresh, modern design, the new S9062 Series allows for direct distribution from reflected light for a soft “indirect lighting” feel. The unique narrow, open-ended rectilinear housing with integral driver delivers a comfortable visual impact in any space. Multiple mounting and optical options are available, including suspended, surface and recessed versions with direct and direct/indirect performance options and an indirect wide batwing distribution.

The Nelio S9062 Series steel housing provides a quality and economical alternative to existing competitive product offerings.  With over 40 combinations of optical solutions and lumen options, the S9062 Series provides architectural style while delivering the performance choices needed to customize solutions to match the specific needs of the space. The Nelio S9062 Series is also available with integral Aura Color and Tunable White Solutions.


June 2019 New Releases

PMC Lighting is happy to announce a new addition to our Alumiini product family– the E5068 series of products.  Constructed from extruded aluminum in contemporary sizes and profiles, the E5068 Series offers matching products in Suspended, Suspended Rotatable, and Wall mounted versions.  Whether you are looking for a stand-alone fixture, or a series of fixtures designed to work together in an environment to tailor the lighting requirements, the new E5068 Series covers your needs.


E5068 Suspended is a direct output linear fixture with multiple options for dimming, color temperature, and fixture accents.

VIEW E5068


E5068 Wall Mount uses the basic shape of the E5068 and turns it on its side to create a wall mounted asymmetric indirect output fixture with many of the same features found throughout the whole series.



E5068-ROT takes the E5068 and adds to all of the available options the ability to rotate the fixture on its mounting and aim the light output for applications such as washing walls with light.



E5068DW capitalizes on the flexibility of design found in this series to create a low profile/wide width suspended fixture with wide indirect light output.  A center channel can be configured with additional lighting options.


May 2019 New Releases

Vital Vio’s White Light Disinfecting Technology combines with PMC Lighting’s clean, modern downlights, to bring you 2 new options in the pūr-led™ line. 6LES-LED and 6LESQ-LED. Coming in both a square and round versions, these new styles offer flexible, yet uniforming lighting, as well as the germ fighting power of pūr-led™.

April 2019 New Releases

Introducing Wood Grain Finishes

If you’re looking for a wood-grain like style to your lighting, our wood grain powders create a seamless finish that mimics the look of solid wood. With a variety of different grains and colors available, wood finishes ranging from light bamboo to dark walnut can be achieved. Complete with graining and knots, this powder technology provides long term durability and protection, as well as a life-like appearance. The powder coating finish has the beautiful appearance of wood while being available in fixture configurations difficult to achieve in real wood. Like our RAL color finishes, it helps protect the fixture from UV and humidity damage, resulting in an extremely low maintenance luminaire.


Early 2019 New Releases

We all know the importance of eliminating bacteria, mold and fungi. Hospitals, sports arenas, day cares and airports spend thousands of dollars trying to keep germs, and the infections they cause, at bay.

With the cost of treating illnesses caused by bacterial infections on the rise, reducing the germs that cause them has become a top priority. It’s clear that our current procedures, including the intermittent use of chemical sprays and wipes, aren’t enough.  We need additional tools.  And that’s where the continuous disinfecting power of Vital Vio can be put to work. Vital Vio’s White Light Disinfection® Technology emits a safe, true white light that dramatically reduces contamination and infection risk with the flip of a switch.

pūr-led™ luminaries will join clean, modern, and stylish looks with Vital Vio’s patented VioSafe® White Light Disinfection® technology. Our pūr-led line hosts a variety of forms and designs, ranging from linear, to curved, to downlights, to fit any style project.

Whether you have a unique space that needs a Build-2-Spec fixture, or you have a more standard space that one of our ready-to-install fixture options will work in, you will achieve the perfect blend of design form and disinfecting function for any room or structure.